Seychelles Minister of Agriculture visits Blueprint

On the occasion of his official visit to Kuwait for the Arab-African Summit, Mr. Peter Sinon, Seychelles Minister of Agriculture, paid a visit to Blueprint Real Estate Investment Advisory on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 to present investment opportunities available in the Seychelles.

Blueprint Signs an exclusive representation contract with KFIM

Blueprint Real Estate Investment Advisory singed an exclusive representation contract with Knight Frank Investment Management. It is worth mentioning that KFIM is one of the biggest 5 global companies in real estate investments. Its services include managing real estate portfolios, investments, and seizing investment opportunities. It is part of a conglomeration of Knight Frank LLP which is specialized in managing real estate, its marketing, as well as offering all kinds of solutions and relevant consultations in this regard.

In this connection, Eng. Meshal Almelhem, BluePrint Managing Director, announced that this representation comes as the first serious step by a global real estate consulting giant to enter seriously the Kuwaiti market after some negligence. He added: the global real estate consultants acknowledged their mistake in ignoring the Kuwaiti market which enjoys high liquidity with scarce investment channels in addition to the expertise of Kuwaiti corporations in international real estate investments.

Almelhem added that the British real estate market has become the focus of most global financial, investment and real estate institutions and corporations due to improved economic indexes, strong currency, and effective legislation that is effective in safeguarding investment as well as the full transparency in all acquisition processes. Major American, Chinese and German companies invest now in the British real estate market through their sovereign funds, insurance and investment companies.

Ian Whittock, Knight Frank’s CIO, indicated that the positive boom of the British real estate market is in its beginning. He expects it would continue its positive development within the next three years. He emphasized that the British interest rates might rise in the next two years as they are at the lowest historical levels now and that entering the market now promises of positive returns to investors.

Almelhem added that Blueprint is planning to cooperate with a major financial institution in Kuwait to study the launching of an investment fund specialized in income-generating British real estate properties in cooperation with Knight Frank Investment Management. This Fund is anticipated to generate fixed monthly returns. Almelhem ascertained that the portfolio of this Fund will include the acquisition of leased buildings on a long-term basis by one of the biggest European banks.

Alqabas Newspaper Hosts KFIM, T&H, and BP

Alqabas Newspaper hosted the representatives of Knight Frank Investment Management and Trowers & Hamlins Law Firm who were visiting Kuwait to speak at the seminar “UK Market Trends & Movements, Technical & Legal Overview” which was organized by Blueprint Real Estate Investment Advisory at the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Mr. Meshal Almelhem, Blueprint Managing Director, had also contributed in the press conference.

Alqabas newspaper generously dedicated 2 full pages to the event in its issue no. 14488 dated 29th September 2013 due to its importance and that it comes at the time of an increase interest from the local market in the investment in the UK Real Estate sector.

It’s quite known that Alqabas Newspaper is one of the most important newspapers in Kuwait and its unique with its economy section, which is considered a good resource for professionals in the private sectors, from Managers and executive officers.

KFIM goes on a road show hosted and organized by BP

After hosting a successful seminar, a 2-Day road show was organized by Blueprint Real Estate investment advisory between the delegates of Knight Frank Investment Management and various real estate, investment companies’ banks and high net worth individuals. The road show provided a one-on- one interaction between KFIM and top investment companies in Kuwait.

An unprecedented eagerness was shown during the road show, thereby further strengthening the prospects of UK being the preferred destination for Real estate investments for the Kuwait market. The success of the road show held, exhibited a good response and interest level owing to UK real estate investments.

BP and Knight Frank Investment Management conducts Seminar

The UK real estate market trends and movements a seminar was held on 23rd September 2013 at the Kuwait chamber of commerce and industry. This seminar was hosted by Blueprint Real Estate investment advisory and Union of investment companies. The delegates from Knight frank investment management and Trowers and Hamlins law firm were the speakers on this occasion.

Industry leaders from reputed Kuwait business houses were present for this seminar. The main highlights about the market trends in UK real estate were presented by Mr. Kevin Atchison, CEO of KFIM. Further the investment prospects were presented by Mr. Ian Wittock, CIO of KIFM. The legal aspects of UK real estate investment were presented by Mr. Michael Higginson, Partner of Trowers & Hamlins law firm, where he covered various topics like acquisition, land ownership and taxation processes.

The seminar concluded with a highly interactive Q&A round by the guests and delegates.

UK Real Estate Market Trends & Movements “Technical & Legal Overview” Seminar

Knight Frank Investment Management and Trowers & Hamlins Law Firm present a specialized seminar at KCCI

Dr. Ramadan Al Sharrah, Secretary General of the Union of Investment Companies, announced that the Union will organize a general seminar on the 23rd of September 2013 about the legal, technical, and taxation aspects associating real estate investment in UK. The seminar will be in cooperation with Blueprint Real Estate Investment Advisory. This comes within the framework of the Union’s periodic efforts of holding courses, lectures and conferences that enrich aspects of investment activity. Such conferences provide members with the cultural and scientific aspects surrounding their business.

The speakers at the seminar will be Kevin Aitchison, CEO of Knight Frank Investment Management, Ian Whittock, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at Knight Frank Investment Management, and Michael Higginson, Partner of the British Law Firm Trowers & Hamlins.

Al Sharrah affirmed that the seminar comes as a response to the recent growing investment interest in the British real estate, which formed one of the investment directions for the Kuwaiti investment due to its growth rate and distinguished returns vis-à-vis other markets.

In this regard, Meshal Al Melhem, the Managing Director of Blueprint Real Estate Investment Advisory, affirmed that BP always seeks to contribute socially to promoting the competence and level of the local market and by supporting its investment decisions through the technical and legal aspects via expertise houses out of the concern to reduce and minimize investment risks resulting from falling into legal or legislative pitfalls or even technical ones.

Al Melhem indicated that the British market is one of the most important and viable real estate investment markets due to several factors including, but not limited to, the low margin of currency fluctuation, high return on real estate assets, high returns on rented properties, and low interest rates on banking loans. Besides, UK enjoys transparent and clear systems. In addition, it is one of the most economic stable countries not only in Europe but in the world as well, with the least unemployment rate among them. It also has an integrated and advanced legal system.

Al Melhem emphasized that the British real estate market managed to attract the hot global funds especially from Asia, Russia and India. Sale of luxurious properties downtown London recorded unprecedented rates.

Al Melhem asserted that the seminar will explain the movement and growth of the British real estate market in 2013 and projections for its trends over the next three years. The seminar will address the technical vision of investments in the housing sector inside London, the students’ housing sector, the residential apartments (rental basis) and the agricultural lands.

Michael Higginson, from Trowers and Hamlins Law Firm, will highlight the legal course for investment processes in the British real estate together with the latest legislation regulating this sector, the most common or important errors committed by foreign investors in general, and the Kuwaitis in particular, in their real estate investments in UK. He will also shed some light on the latest tax amendments endorsed lately by the British Government.

It is worth stating that Knight Frank Investment Management is the asset management and real estate investment arm for Knight Frank Company, one of the biggest real estate management, marketing and solutions companies in the world. Likewise, Trowers and Hamlins is a very well-known British law firm specialized in real estate investment with branch offices throughout many ME and Far East countries.

New Era & a New Location

Blueprint real estate investment advisory has moved to its new & permanent location at the 27th floor of Khalifa Tower, located at the crossroad between Khaled Bin Alwaleed St. and Ahmed Aljaber St. which is considered a prime and lively location for business headquarters in Kuwait. The eastern part of Kuwait city has become famous of containing the private sector institutes along with the Investment and the Real Estate Companies, while the western side of Kuwait city contain the governmental institutes along with the main commercial streets.

With this transition, Blueprint aims to step into a long plan with a vision to become the leading Real Estate Investment Company with a focus on the international real estate in general and specifically the European.

BP Signs contract with Verto Group Development

Blueprint Investment Advisory proudly announces the signing of a contract with Verto Group Development appointing it as its representative in Kuwait to promote and market its properties and services in Kuwait and in the GCC region.

Verto Group Development is a U.K-based company and is specialized in constructing residential property. The company undertakes all transactions from site acquisition, through design and building, to project completion and sale with the aim of creating highly desirable living space for people with high expectations.

Verto Group Development is a part of Verto Group, founded in 2008, and has 5 integrated subsidiaries for development, legal, architecture, acquisitions, and enterprises.

Investment opportunity for Golf enthusiasts

BP has become the sole representative to promote and market the properties and services of PGA Catalonia Resort, to customers in Kuwait and the Gulf Region.

PGA Catalonia operates a resort located between Gerona and Barcelona, Spain. It is a first-class golf resort with properties ranging from one bedroom apartments to 4 bedroom villas. The resort contains restaurants, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and a golf course. It is also well connected with land and air transportation.

BP partners with Principal International

Principal International has appointed Blueprint Investment Advisory as its representative in Kuwait to promote, market, and sell its properties and services in Kuwait and in the region.

Principal International is a U.K-based company specialized in property Investment. It is a part of The Principal Group of Companies. Since its inception in 1992, it has successfully operated and regulated businesses in the UK property and insurance markets.

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