Al-Hindi: London Real-Estates are the best internationally

Bashayer Al-Hindi, Director of London real-estate dept. at Blueprint holding Co., emphasized that the real-estate investment in UK is the best internationally. She added that Britain has a unique unprecedented and unmatched environment for real-estate investment.

This market has the biggest available information on the latest developments. There is plenty of consultation houses for all aspects of real-estate investment, as well as professional companies specialized in taxation services.

All offices are working according to high professional standards. She concluded that real-estate investment in Britain is always profitable as the average development in UK has increased 200%.

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Student Housing in Britain Attracts 500,000 Foreign Students

Nada Shasha, Director of UK Students Housing Investment Unit at Blueprint Holding Co., said the students housing sector in Britain attracted more than half a million students from all over the world to the British universities in the school year 2015/2016. She added that Britain came in no. 2 on the list after USA.

China came in no.1 among the countries that sent their students (about 100,000) to study in Britain. This is due to the advanced level of British education.

Students Real-Estate Housing Sector witnessed great development and accomplished higher returns lately. This is relatively a new trend in the field of real-estate investment in Britain.

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Blueprint Collaborates with Knight Frank for the sake of studying the national status of the agricultural land in Britain

Eng. Meshal Al-Melhem, Blueprint Executive Manager, said that most of this land can be sold or changed into a housing area (suitable for building housing units). It is very difficult – or even impossible to issue road building licenses for these lands.

The two companies – Blueprint & Knight Frank are going to hold a seminar to explain this critical situation in the near future. Customers should be more aware in this respect.

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Blueprint and GRE Assets announce the completion of 1st Phase of Brighton Marina

Blueprint Holding Co. specialized in British real-estate investments announced the completion of the first phase of Brighton Marina in Brighton City – South England.

The first three Towers overlooking Yachts Port and Cafés and Restaurants Square were delivered to their owners. The main project includes eleven towers comprising of 853 housing units. It is expected to complete the project in the first months of the year 2017.

“This project is considered one of the biggest and most important projects in Britain”, says Bashayer Al- Hindi, head of London and South Britain Housing Projects department.

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Victoria Gareth: Blueprint and Knight Frank… Two Allied Companies

The Manager of British Real-Estate Department in Knight Frank Co. Victoria Gareth announced that the Company in collaboration with Blueprint Holding Co. in Kuwait will offer more real- estate investments in the British market especially in London market. This is besides other regions such as Scotland, Wales and North Ireland. She emphasized that Knight Frank real-estate investments cover all the main cities in Europe and all over the world. Now it has branches in 75 countries.

The Company, in collaboration with Blueprint Holding Co., will offer all special consultation services to the British investors.

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Gulf Bank holds an exclusive Seminar for its Priority Banking clients with Blueprint Holding Co. and Knight Frank

Gulf Bank in Kuwait held an exceptional seminar for its Priority Banking clients with Blueprint and Knight Frank discussing the British real-estate investment market and taxes trends in the year of 2017. The seminar took place in the Sheraton Hotel on 6 th December 2016.

Mr. Meshal al-Melhem, Blueprint’s CEO emphasized the seminar importance for a new phase of co-operation with Gulf Bank and benefiting more from the comprehensive consultations depending on the international expertise gained in the field of the British real-estate investment market.

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More losses in the Real-Estate Market in Britain, Turkey and Egypt

Engineer Meshal Al-Melhem, Deputy Chairman and CEO of Blueprint Holding Co. said that the ending balances of most of the investment companies in Britain, Egypt and Turkey suffered some losses because of the dwindling prices of their coins against the Kuwaiti Dinar.

The sterling pound was down 13.3% against the dinar. The Turkish lira was 17% down and the Egyptian pound was 55% down through the last year. ‘’any investor can feel this loss only when he intends to sell his real- estate and get the price in Kuwaiti dinar, this is not the proper time for selling real-estates.” say experts.

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Investment Set Back after Sterling Floatation

Meshal Al- Melhem, Deputy Chairman and CEO of Blueprint Holding Co. stated that there are more feeling of uncertainty, restlessness and anxiety after Britain withdrawal from the European Union.

The Middle East turbulences, oil low prices, the passive results of the Arab Spring Revolution and Donald Trump’s success in the American latest presidential elections, these changes still have their drastic effects on the world economy and the international investment movement which led to the devaluation of the Sterling pound and the inability to take quick and decisive decisions in so far as the right kind of investment is concerned.

More feelings of doubt and fear are expected especially after the Sterling floatation.

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The team of Sadeq Khan, the Mayor of London, greeted by CEO at Blueprint Headquarters

The team of Sadeq Khan, the Mayor of London, Mr Justin Noton and Ms Fiorela Topciu, were greeted today by the CEO of Blueprint Holding Co. Eng. Meshal Al Melhem at Blueprint Headquarters to discuss how to expand and improve business relationships between London and Kuwaiti Investors where both parties can progress toward a beneficial outcome.

North England Real-Estates beats the South

Saleh Al- Saleh, Blueprint Holding Co. Sales Director said that the latest studies and statistics proved that the British real-estate prices especially in the North are rising steadily in a way that was not observed before. There is a slower development in the South.

The Company is going to announce for new housing projects in Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds. Soon there will be more new flats and houses to let or sell in North England. There will be more than 30 housing projects extending between Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Bradford. Among these projects is Liverpool Tower overlooking the river. It is also near the British historical and Touristic sites.

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