London Wardian is the Fruit of the Unique Partnership between Aqua-World and Ballymore

London Wardian succeeded in creating a natural original oasis in the midst of sky scrapers, and waterways among Canary Wharf as it launched two innovative housing towers besides restaurants, commercial shops and amazing utilities. They all are a safe haven of peace and beauty.
The British Blue Print for Real-Estate investments Co. stated that the unique partnership between two of the leading real- estate developmentsi.e. Aqua-World and Ballymore, is behind some of the most distinguished modern buildings in London. The latest of these buildings is the London Wardian project which is currently implemented in Canary Wharf.

The Company issued a report stating that Canary Wharf witnessed big and remarkable changes in the last thirty years, guided by one of the most courageous strategies of re-development in which the world is currently involved. This strategy surpassed the city of London which was considered the leading financial capital in Europe.

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Launch ceremony of Wardian Tower Project in Canary Wharf

Blueprint launched a marketing ceremony for the biggest and most luxurious residential towers in Canary Wharf which consists of diverse use for residential and commercial with 55 floors. It is characterized of global designs which should entitle them as a real estate attraction and should be added to the tourist and real estate attractions in London.

Eng. Meshaal Al Melhem CEO of Blueprint said the Wardian Towers of 55-storey is considered a milestone in the history of the UK property industry, they overlook from all directions on the Thames River and water side and it overlooks the most prominent signs in London such as London bridge, Big Ben, Wembley Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Sports city and many others. It has been designed to provide each apartment with a view of the beautiful city of London; it also includes a garden within the apartment’s framework providing extra residential entertainment. It is known that the city of money and business Canary Wharf has attracted the most investment, banking, insurance and consulting services firms in the world and it enjoys an international reputation that they were able to pull the rug from the City of London and sit on the throne of financial capital in Europe.

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Special launch event for a series of projects by Weston Homes

Bashayer AL Hendi Director manager of London and southern England in Blueprint company said that residential property in the UK in general and London in particular has seen the beginning of a good year and that the prices were going in the positive direction, shattering the record for rates of house prices and achieved a 10% growth in British property prices since the end of February 2015 and until the end of February 2016 according to the Halifax index report specializing in British real estate, which announced house prices reaching the rate of 212,502 pounds the highest since the beginning of the index in 1983, the report also justified the continues growth in prices is decreasing the amount of listings for sale compared to the constantly high demand for private housing.

Bashayer also announced hosting of a special and exclusive event in Kuwait at the headquarters of Blueprint Company for three of Weston Home’s residential projects in the outer areas of London and the south of England which includes a project in the town of Stratford north east of London. The project is located on the banks of one of the rivers near Westfield the largest shopping center in Europe. Stratford is characterized as one of London’s outer regions that are associated with tunnels of high speed rail network which can reach Oxford Street in twenty minutes and the most famous crossrail line in Europe which was recently named as Queen Elizabeth line passes in Stratford, Stratford is very close to London Airport and the city has received attention from the British government in 2012 when it constructed the Olympic village, which hosted the Olympic Games and the property prices have grown in Stratford at least 30% in recent years.

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Tariq AL Bahar: Blueprint became the only Arab Company who specializes in British real estate investment

Tariq Meshary Al Bahar chairman of Blueprint company said that the company was able through her seven years to focus its activities in providing full real estate consultancy in UK for interested customers, whether they are companies or individuals and has managed to ally itself with the three big companies in the UK market which are JLL, Savills and Knight Frank in providing a package of professional and sophisticated real estate services that includes displaying real estate investment opportunities, whether residential or commercial in most UK cities especially in the capital city London.

Tariq Al Bahar confirmed in his statement at the annual general meeting that the company was able to raise its customer to more than 300 customers over the years, raising revenue by at least 240% and to strengthen its position in the local market and the Gulf.

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Blueprint completed a seminar on investment mechanisms in the UK and American Property

Blueprint for Real Estate Investment Advisory organized a conference on investment points in the UK property and the US that lasted for two days 30 and 31 of last March in the Millennium Hotel in Kuwait.

Participating in the seminar was United Properties Company; a company specialized in consulting and marketing international real estate and dropped ten lectures throughout the conference.

It was attended by a large gathering of people interested in international investment and Blueprint stressed in this regard the need to activate the role of awareness and the academic in the community.

How Many Square Meters Can You Buy for 300,000 KD (Three Hundred Thousands) in the World Largest Cities?

We hear many complaints about the high prices of real-estate in Kuwait. Many people believe that the prices in Kuwait are the highest allover the world.

However a new study by the British Company Knight Frank revealed that the highest real-estate prices are not in the Middle East as it was thought (with the exception of Turkey which came no. 16 in order among 20 world capitals).

Blue Print Company for Real-Estate Investments (an agent of Knight Frank in Kuwait) revealed the results of the study concerning the number of square meters of land that could be bought for one million dollars (300,000 KD).

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Blueprint launches 4 different projects in Manchester City

Blueprint launches four residential projects for some of the best developers in the UK in the prime locations of Manchester city UK, some which are in the city centre, some which have views directly on the canals and some which are in the media city.

Luxury apartments and modern interior finishes available with advanced high security systems, also including gym and shopping arcade.

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Manchester City occupies the 2 nd city in UK after London

Meshal Al Melhem CEO of Blueprint Investment Advisory announced that Manchester was able to occupy the 1st position in UK in the list which included 69 UK cities in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as one of the best cities to market buy-to- let residential properties which was issued as part of a report in February prepared by Savills specialized in UK studies and research. The report revealed that some neighbourhoods of Manchester have seen a rise of more than 25% during the last three years.

In this regard, Melhem said that Blueprint sensed this increased growth of Manchester city and its occupation as the 2 nd city in UK after London, Blueprint was pioneered four years ago at the launch of real estate projects in this city. Melhem added that Blueprint currently poses special offer for the most important and most beautiful Manchester city residential projects and this includes offering an exclusive view and a special five different projects in several areas in Manchester. Melhem confirmed that some of the five projects are under construction, some are complete, and some are ready which can be rented with excellent income.

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Blueprint announces the launch booking of Marina Brighton

Blueprint with joint collaboration of GRE Assets Company announced the release of reservation and purchase of Brighton Marina project in Brighton Southern England, this project is the largest residential tourism project built on the ocean and on the coast banks of UK and it’s the biggest residential Marina in Europe.

The project is consisting of 11 towers with floors ranging between six and forty, the first three towers is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2016 and the residents will enjoy the beautiful views of the yachts, marinas and sea.

They will also enjoy the security services and health club within the project, also available around the surroundings of the project is a bowling alley, large super market, multi floor parking spaces, cinemas and a wide range of world-famous restaurants. There is a public transport station within the project which reaches the heart of Brighton within few minutes.

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Special event launch of Brighton Marina project

Bashayer Al Hendi Director Manager of London Real Estate and South England stated that the UK real estate market still continues to grow in 2016, achieving new gains for investors and stressed that the opportunity is now more favorable than ever before to invest in UK real estate. Choices are diverse and cover most of Britain’s cities; also the interest rate levels on bank loans are still at lowest allowing the loaner to have high gains and the interest rates available for customers ranging between 2.5% and 3%.

She reported that Blueprint launched a package of advisory services for finance services of personal and corporate with special interest rates with financing rates reaching to 70% of a property value. Bashayer also added that Sterling has reached a very encouraging rate against the Kuwaiti dinar, which makes it a good opportunity to invest in it as the pound may return back to the prices that existed in the last months of the past year reporting that the exchange rate fell more than 16% during the past eight months.

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