Eng. Meshal AlMelhem

Meshal Abdulrahman Al Melhem is an international real-estate investment expert, specifically the UK property market both residential and commercial. He represents the most prominent global companies such as Knight Frank, Savills, CBRE, Cushman and Wakefield, and others specialized in real-estate consultation. His consultations and advice include evaluating investment opportunities, feasibility study including legal, financial, economic, and engineering aspects. He Holds a Civil Engineer bachelor’s degree, MBA degree and many professional certifications in finance and investment. He is the vice-chairman of the board and CEO of Blueprint Holding Company. In 1999, he started as a journalist and created the first online electronic newspaper in the GCC. He is also a speaker and writer about the international real estate market and has vast activities in this field. He issued some novels such as “60 Qalam”, “Alkarasi Almobtala” (under release), and “The Concept of property mortgage” book (under release), and he has also participated in writing articles for various newspapers and magazines. He currently works as a consultant for multiple companies, organizations, and individuals covering portfolio and fund formulation, debt finance through direct or syndicate loan arrangements or equity finance, including visibility study, PPM preparation and offering. He has a passion for photography, writing, music, philosophical thinking and writing about freedom.



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