Blueprint Holding Co. has been founded by reputed investment companies in Kuwait, who have shared their vision, expertise & experience in building this unique enterprise. The following is the short brief of our core asset:

Murabahat Investment Company

It is considered to be among the major Kuwaiti investment companies, with a capital of 15 million Kuwaiti dinars. It is the investment arm for many deep-rooted family companies in Kuwait and the Gulf Region, mainly Abdul Aziz Al Babtain Group and Abdul Aziz Al Ghannam & Bros from Kuwait and Abdul Wahab Saud Al Babtain & Brothers from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. “Murabahat” is the plural of “Murabahat”, which is one of the financing canals adopted by the investment institutions and the Islamic banks.

Al Jawhara Investment Holding Group

It is a Kuwaiti Holding company founded in 2006 aiming to become one of the leading industrial investment companies in the GCC and the wider Middle East and North Africa (“MENA”) regions. It has put forward unique investment opportunities and facilitated the development of various projects that meet the local and regional market needs across many fundamental sectors such as industrial and communications sector.